There are times when using force is the only way to stop an aggressor who is about to injure you or someone you love. Using force in these situations can be defensible in Washington under RCW 9A.16.020, provided that the force used was not more than what was necessary.

In spite of this defense, police and prosecutors often arrest and charge innocent people with serious crimes when they were, in fact, just protecting themselves or someone else.

When you believe you acted in self-defense and were charged with a crime because of those actions, you need to obtain top legal representation immediately, because if your claim of self-defense is sustained at trial, RCW 9A.16.110 requires the State of Washington to reimburse your defense costs. In State v. Villanueva, 177 Wn. App. 251, 311 P.3d 79 (2013), the Court of Appeals recently ruled that this reimbursement can even cover lost wages!

Why Choose Angus Lee Law For Self-Defense Representation?

Our legal team’s understanding of the law of self-defense and its application to real-life situations is unparalleled. As a former county-elected prosecutor himself, Angus Lee reviewed officer and civilian involved shootings, worked and consulted with use of force experts, and is intimately familiar with what police look for, or should be looking for, to determine if self-defense is at play.

While the vast majority of prosecutors in Washington have little or no real-life experience or training in how violent confrontations unfold, Angus Lee is a former U.S. Marine, trained in the close and far application of firearms, edged weapons, hand to hand combat, and who also has personal experience in live gun fighting. He knows how to debunk far-fetched, hollywood theories from prosecutors claiming you should have used less force than you did, or worse: you should have “just walked away.”

Our unique understanding of and commitment to advocating for those exercising their right to self-defense sets us apart even in the investigatory stage of your case. For example, in a recent Vancouver, WA case, we were able to establish definitively that the alleged “victim” was actually the aggressor and that our client had acted in self-defense. As a result, the prosecutor dismissed the case completely.

Angus Lee has been recognized by his clients and fellow lawyers for his excellent legal ability and client communication skills, and has handled numerous high profile and serious cases.

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