Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea

One of the most common questions we receive from new clients who have been previously represented elsewhere is whether they can withdraw a prior guilty plea. Importantly, just because someone has entered a guilty plea does not necessarily mean the case is over. If, for example,the accused was not provided effective legal representation, or was misadvised of the consequences (especially immigration consequences) of a guilty plea, he or she may be eligible to withdraw their plea of guilty.

Recently, our firm successfully moved to withdraw a guilty plea on a serious felony drug delivery conspiracy charge in a southwest Washington Superior Court. In that case, we argued that the original attorney on the case had misadvised our new client about the consequences of pleading guilty and had failed to conduct a proper investigation of the case before advising him to plead guilty. The prosecution agreed with our motion and did not object to having the guilty plea withdrawn.

If you have entered a guilty plea and are now experiencing consequences you were not advised of or are having immigration issues, contact us immediately.

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