Drug Charges

Drug Possession

“The War on Drugs” has resulted in a colossal loss of personal liberty and governmental respect for privacy. Yet as much as our liberties have been attacked, the constitution remains your strongest line of legal defense to drug crime charges against you.

To employ these defenses effectively, however, you need an attorney who understands the investigatory process inside and out, and who has a passion for examining the minute details of the investigation against you.

As a former elected prosecutor, Angus Lee worked closely with a county-wide inter-agency narcotics task-force and knows exactly how these kinds of cases are investigated and prosecuted. Thus, in each of our client’s cases, the investigatory record is reviewed from start to finish by someone who, at one time, assisted law enforcement in developing best practices for completing investigations.

When defending you against a drug crime charge, no stone can be left unturned. We defend drug possession and delivery cases many ways, including:

  • Attacking the lack of a search warrant,
  • Attacking the search warrant itself,
  • Attacking the credibility of any criminal informant against you, and
  • Attacking the government’s chain of custody in the substances it has seized.

Drug Delivery

Criminal charges for delivery of a controlled substance can massively increase prison time and other possible penalties. It is essential that your attorney examine whether you were wrongfully charged for a delivery crime when you should have been charged with simple possession. This happens more often than you might think when an officer simply decides that, because a larger amount of the drug was found, there must have been “intent to deliver.” We begin our defense of delivery cases by examining whether the investigation contained true evidence of intent to deliver. If it did not, we begin fighting to see those delivery charges reduced to simple possession.

Politicians and law enforcement agencies should not get a free pass to producing high numbers of arrests and severe criminal charges at your expense and while violating your constitutional rights.

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