Homicide / Murder / Manslaughter

In cases of this nature, your very life is on the line; and you need an attorney who has not just “handled” serious cases, but who has actually gone to trial on murder charges… and won. If you have been charged with as serious of an offense as homicide, you cannot afford to hire an attorney who does not have a track record of seeing such a case through from start to finish, successfully.

Angus Lee has extensive criminal trial experience and has tried and won multiple murder trials. Very few criminal defense attorneys can say the same.

While handling homicides as a prosecutor, Angus accompanied law enforcement on numerous walk-throughs of “fresh” homicide scenes. He knows the techniques and practices of Washington state’s law enforcement agencies in relation to homicide investigations. He also knows the common and uncommon investigation and prosecution pitfalls and how and when to object.

He also has a deep understanding of Washington’s self-defense law and how it can be used to defend against charges of murder.


Simply put, very few attorneys have the experience and confidence necessary to effectively handle the pressure of a murder trial.

Why Choose Angus Lee as Your Criminal Defense Attorney

If your life is on the line, you need a lawyer like Angus Lee, who has been tested in the fire of multiple murder trials and who unwaveringly fought to get successful results. You need a partner in this fight and our firm has the legal experience to be your best advocate.

Angus Lee has been recognized by his clients and fellow lawyers for his excellent legal ability and client communication skills, and has handled numerous high profile and serious cases.

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