Restoration of Firearm Rights

Having a felony conviction on record costs people far more these days than it used to, including the possible loss of the right to possess or own a firearm. But there is hope! Many convictions can be wiped off your record and in certain cases firearm rights can be restored by the courts.

If you have completed your sentence and stayed out of trouble, you deserve a second chance. Contact us today to see if you qualify to have your firearm rights restored. We can prepare and file the demand for hearing, motion, petition, declaration, and the court order to have your rights restored.

Basic qualifications include the following:

  • Have no active criminal charges against you.
  • Have completed the terms of their sentence.
  • 5 years or more consecutive since completion of sentence, without having been convicted of any new crime .

Disqualifying issues include: conviction for a class A felony, conviction for a felony having a maximum sentence of at least 20 years, conviction for a felony sex offense, current court restraining order, injunction, or other order, which prohibits you from possessing a firearm, or a prior involuntary commitment for mental health treatment.

Contact us immediately to see if you qualify.

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