Title 3 - Assignment of Cases in Superior Court

RALJ 3.1



(a) Without Cause. A party may disqualify one superior court judge without cause by filing an affidavit of prejudice in accordance with RCW 4.12.050.

(b) For Cause. A party may disqualify a superior court judge for cause as provided in RCW 4.12.040 for any grounds authorized by statute or decisional law.

(c) Waiver of Privilege To Change Judge. The privilege of a party to seek the change of a judge in superior court is waived if a party fails to seek a change of judge within 7 days after receipt of a notice of assignment, unless the ground for seeking a change of judge is a particular incident, conversation, or utterance by the judge which was not known to the party or to the party's attorney within the 7-day period.