(a) Nonresident.

An action against a nonresident of this state may be brought:

(1) In any county in which service of process may be had; or

(2) In a county in which the acts, or any of them, were done which gave rise to service under RCW 4.28.180 and 4.28.185; or

(3) In the county in which the plaintiffs, or any of them, reside.

(b) Request--Waiver.

If an action is brought in the wrong county, the action may nevertheless be tried therein unless the defendant, pursuant to the provisions of rule 12, requests that the trial be held in the proper county and files an affidavit of merits.

(c) Default. See rule 55(c).

No order of default shall be entered if it clearly appears to the court from the papers on file that the action was brought in an improper county, except as provided in rule 55(c)(2)(a) or (b).

(d) Change of Venue--Fees.

Any fees or costs required to be paid by a party pursuant to RCW 4.12.090 shall be to the clerk of the county from which the case is being transferred by check or money order made payable to the clerk of the county to which the case is being transferred.