(a) Notice of Appearance.

An attorney admitted to practice in this state may appear for a party by serving a notice of appearance.

(b) Notice of Limited Appearance.

If specifically so stated in a notice of limited appearance filed and served prior to or simultaneous with the proceeding, an attorney’s role may be limited to one or more individual proceedings in the action. Service on an attorney who has made a limited appearance for a party shall be valid (to the extent permitted by statute and rule 5(b)) only in connection with the specific proceedings for which the attorney has appeared, including any hearing or trial at which the attorney appeared and any subsequent motions for presentation of orders. At the conclusion of such proceedings the attorney’s role terminates without the necessity of leave of court, upon the attorney filing notice of completion of limited appearance which notice shall include the client information required by rule 71(c)(1).

[Effective October 29, 2002.]