(a) When.

Unless the court otherwise directs and subject to the provisions of rule 54(b), all judgments shall be entered immediately after they are signed by the judge.

(b) Effective Time.

Judgments shall be deemed entered for all procedural purposes from the time of delivery to the clerk for filing, unless the judge earlier permits the judgment to be filed directly with the judge as authorized by rule 5(e).

(c) Notice of Entry. (Reserved. See rule 54(f).)

(d) (Reserved.)

(e) Judgment by Confession. (Reserved. See RCW 4.60.)

(f) Assignment of Judgment. (Reserved. See RCW 4.56.090.)

(g) Interest on Judgment. (Reserved. See RCW 4.56.110.)

(h) Satisfaction of Judgment. (Reserved. See RCW 4.56.100.)

(i) Lien of Judgment. (Reserved. See RCW 4.56.190.)

(j) Commencement of Lien on Real Estate. (Reserved. See RCW 4.56.200.)

(k) Cessation of Lien--Extension Prohibited. (Reserved. See RCW 4.56.210.)

(l) Revival of Judgments. (Reserved.)