(a) Referees--Definition and Powers. (Reserved. See RCW 2.24.060.)

(b) Reference by Consent--Right to Jury Trial. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.010.)

(c) Reference Without Consent. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.020.)

(d) To Whom Reference May Be Ordered. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.030.)

(e) Qualifications of Referees. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.040.)

(f) Challenges to Referees. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.050.)

(g) Trial Procedure--Powers of Referee. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.060.)

(h) Referee's Report--Contents--Evidence, Filing of, Frivolous. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.070.)

(i) Proceedings on Filing of Report. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.080.)

(j) Judgment on Referees Report. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.090.)

(k) Fees of Referees. (Reserved. See RCW 4.48.100.)