(a) An attorney may undertake to provide limited representation in accordance with RPC 1.2 to a person involved in a court proceeding.

(b) Providing limited representation of a person under these rules shall not constitute an entry of appearance by the attorney for purposes of CR 5(b) and does not authorize or require the service or delivery of pleadings, papers or other documents upon the attorney under CR 5(b). Representation of the person by the attorney at any proceeding before a judge, magistrate, or other judicial officer on behalf of the person constitutes an entry of appearance pursuant to RCW 4.28.210 and CR 4(a)(3), except to the extent that a limited notice of appearance as provided for under CR 70.1 is filed and served prior to or simultaneous with the actual appearance. The attorney’s violation of this Rule may subject the attorney to the sanctions provided in CR 11(a).

[Effective October 29, 2002]