(a) Methods.

Except as provided in rule 4.1, a civil action is commenced by service of a copy of a summons together with a copy of a complaint, as provided in rule 4 or by filing a complaint. Upon written demand by any other party, the plaintiff instituting the action shall pay the filing fee and file the summons and complaint within 14 days after service of the demand or the service shall be void. An action shall not be deemed commenced for the purpose of tolling any statute of limitations except as provided in RCW 4.16.170.

(b) Tolling Statute. (Reserved. See RCW 4.16.170.)

(c) Obtaining Jurisdiction. (Reserved. See RCW 4.28.020.)

(d) Lis Pendens. (Reserved. See RCW 4.28.320 and 4.28.160.)