What Qualifies as Self-Defense?

What Qualifies as Self-Defense?

Sometimes acts of crime result in the victim choosing between a flight or fight response. Even worse is when you have no escape options and are left to fend for yourself before authorities can even arrive in time. Angus Lee Law Firm is here to help you know what qualifies as self-defense laws in the state of Washington. Learn more about the Angus Lee Law Firm team today!

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Protecting Yourself

Using necessary force in self-defense situations for you or your loved ones may be defensible in Washington under RCW 9A.16.020 in some circumstances as long as the force was deemed necessary. Such force may be deemed necessary under this law if the threat invoking self-defense would result in death otherwise. However, should the authorities show up and witness what could seem like unnecessary force, keep these laws in mind for taking the next step in finding legal representation.

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Getting Top Legal Representation

If you believe you didn’t cross the boundaries of self-defense and maintained reasonable amounts of necessary force, keep those beliefs strong and contact top legal representation immediately. It’s important to note that in some circumstances RCW 9A.16.110 requires the State of Washington to adequately reimburse your defense costs if self-defense is proven.

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Choose a Law Firm That Understands

With an overwhelming amount of options in the state, choosing the right law firm that understands your case for self-defense can feel daunting. Thankfully, Angus Lee Law Firm has been recognized by our clients and fellow lawyers for our excellent legal services and clear client communication skills to help you get the fairest case possible.

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Know Your Rights to Self-Defense

Criminals take advantage of the naivety of people not knowing their rights to self-defense when becoming victims of a crime. If you are forced to use force to defend yourself call an attorney immediately.

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