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The Importance of Subpoenaing Medical Records

Medical records can be critical evidence in any type of case, whether it be a personal injury case, assault, or a domestic violence allegation. If you’ve been accused of any of the above, medical records can be key to your defense strategy. At Angus Lee Law Firm, our Washington state attorneys will work to get access to all evidence that can help your case, including the accuser’s medical and mental health records

As any experienced criminal attorney will attest, sometimes the accuser has a pre-existing or underlying condition that can be used to help the defendant's case. With the increase in psychotropic medications being prescribed, it is crucial the the accused know as much as possible about the mental state of the person accusing them. You need a lawyer who will subpoena medical records, and create the best defense case for you.

The Types of Records to Subpoena

It's best if your attorney subpoenas records from all types of medical facilities, including a physical therapist, hospital, and regular doctor's office. Defense attorneys should look for a variety of things, including any prescribed medication that can alter the mental state of a person. If you’re being accused by someone who was in an altered mental state during the time of the incident, it can help prove you innocent or even get your case dismissed altogether.

Will the Accuser Give Access to Medical Records?

In order to go through the proper channels, medical records should be subpoenaed. A good attorney will work through the proper paperwork, and even though medical records are private, if the proper protocol is followed, the court can order access to the records requested.

A Recent Case of Innocence

At Angus Lee Law Firm, we have the experience to make sure we chase every avenue to prove your innocence. We recently took on a case where the accuser had suffered previous head injury and been described a plethora of different medications. The prescribed medications cause side effects anywhere for mood disturbances to memory impairment. It was vital for us to subpoena the full medical records to create our defense. When it became clear we would have access to the records, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case against our client.

With the increase in psychotropic medications being prescribed and sold, we want to make sure we get full access to prescription and mental health records to help prove our client's innocence. Contact our Washington state attorneys for a free case evaluation!