The Angus Lee Law Firm, represents Glen Morgan

The Angus Lee Law Firm, represents Glen Morgan regarding the recent incident where two individuals trespassed on Mr. Morgan's father's property in the dark of night to commit criminal acts.

Those two criminals snuck onto the property while hiding their identity and faces with headgear. When they were caught in the act of breaking into a storage unit on the private property, and then confronted, one of them charged at and assaulted Mr. Morgan. By the grace of God Glen Morgan was not seriously harmed nor was his brother.

A firearm was discharged in the event. One of the trespassing thieves fled the area and the other remained while the Morgan brothers took steps to have police notified.

When police arrived they conducted an investigation. As it was clear that Mr. Morgan acted in conformity with the law, the police departed the area with the trespasser. It is believed that the second trespasser was arrested a few hours later and found to be carrying a firearm at the time.

Mr. Morgan and his brother cooperated fully with the responding officers. Officers never placed Mr. Morgan in handcuffs and never arrested him. All indications are that the investigating officers recognized this for what it was: justified.

All actions of Mr. Morgan were reasonable, proportional, and in full accord with the law.

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