Petition for Body Cameras: Vancouver Police Department

CLICK HERE to sign the petition asking the City of Vancouver to require officers to wear body cameras while in uniform.

The use of body cameras will increase public safety, improve law enforcement accountability, and improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve by increasing transparency in law enforcement.

Body worn video cameras can do great things for good officers who are wrongly accused of misusing their authority. At the same time, however, body cameras will help protect the general public from improper police conduct.

Everyone behaves better when there is a camera running. Criminals are less likely to assault an officer and thereby force the officer to use force when they can see that they are being recorded and will end up in jail.

Proposed New Vancouver Municipal Code 2.20.060:

While on duty and in uniform, a general authority Vancouver Police Department officer must wear a functioning video camera on his or her body, in a location consistent with his or her training, that allows the camera to record events in which the peace officer wearing the camera is involved.