Our Lawsuit Against the Washington State Patrol

The Angus Lee Law Firm recently filed a lawsuit against the Washington State Patrol for the closure of freeways to aid protestors during the BLM march on Friday, June 19th.

This act was in violation of his own "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" orders that were made to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Emails obtained by a public disclosure request show that Inslee had clear intent to secretly subvert his own COVID restrictions and to facilitate a massive BLM gathering during the peak of the COVID lockdown restrictions.

We believe that no matter how noble the cause of any gathering may be, it is simply not up to the WSP to recklessly put the public health of the community at risk by actively facilitating a mass gathering in violation of State law.

Read The Post Millenial's recent coverage of this lawsuit to learn more and see the emails in question.

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