Not at Fault! Can I Seek Legal Action?

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In case you get into an accident that is not your fault, you are within your rights to seek legal action. You might assume that since the accident was not your fault, everything will work in your favor. However, you may have to provide proof that you are innocent.

Work accidents do occur, and if you are firmly convinced it was not your fault, you need to seek legal action. You can get helpful legal advice from personal injury lawyers or criminal defense lawyers from Angus Lee Law Firm in Washington State.

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Employer Not Admitting Fault

If you are injured in the workplace, but your employer is reluctant to admit liability or fault, consider contacting experienced professional work accident lawyers from Angus Lee Law Firm. We will assess your claim in a no-obligation consultation that we usually offer for free.

Our lawyers will then establish if your employer can be held accountable for the sustained injuries. A letter from our lawyers might be all that is required to get your employer to take responsibility for the accident leading to your injury.

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What Is Workplace Contributory Negligence?

When your employer does not take responsibility for sustained workplace injuries, and upon assessing your claim by our lawyers, they realize the employer is partly liable, this would be referred to as “contributory negligence” in legal terms.

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When Your Employer Completely Denies Liability

In case your employer denies responsibility for injuries sustained as you work for them, legal advice should be sought from a professional criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer then assesses the claim to establish whether your chances of succeeding are substantial if the case goes before a judge.

If you feel your claim is strong, we recommend you sue your employer if they continue refuting any responsibility.

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Advantages of a No-Win No-Fee Lawyer

If your employer completely denies fault, you stand to benefit from working with a no-win-no-fee lawyer or our experienced lawyers and criminal defence lawyers on your claim. This is because the legal procedure involved in personal injury claims can be complicated more so where the fault is denied.

In addition, by working with a no-win-no-fee lawyer as you challenge the claim, you will have the advantage of first free consultation, giving the lawyer the opportunity of assessing if your case is strong.

At Angus Lee Law Firm in Washington State, we have experienced work accident lawyers with legal library access. With this access, they can make references whenever needed and use them as “precedents” as they represent you in court.

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