Misdemeanor and Gross-misdemeanor charges in Washington are no longer something that can be taken lightly The short and long term economic consequences of a conviction are enough to warrant investing in a top quality attorney from the outset. These cases can not only cost you hefty fines, but convictions will also appear in future background checks by possible employers, bank loan officers, and landlords. Gross-misdemeanors are charged in district court and carry two years of probation, up to 364 days in the county jail, and a $5,000 fine plus fees and costs.

Aggressive advocacy in a misdemeanor case is especially important because the judge has so much more discretion over the amount and length of potential sanctions than they do in typical felony cases where the statute dictates the penalty. For example, in district court, the judge can sentence 364 days in jail whether it is your fifth offense or your first offense. Likewise, in district court, if there are multiple counts, the court can, at its discretion, require the sentences run back to back, or it can make them run concurrently — it is entirely up to the court.

For this reason, Angus Lee immediately develops a plan of action that not only includes your primary defense, but addresses reducing possible sanctions by the court.

Why Choose Angus Lee as your Misdemeanor Defense Attorney?

Angus Lee began his legal career nearly a decade ago as a prosecutor in district court. He understands the conveyor-belt nature of the system and knows where to engage to make a difference.

Angus Lee has been recognized by his clients and fellow lawyers for his excellent legal ability and client communication skills, and has handled numerous high profile and serious cases.

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