Judge Dismisses Charges in Skookumchuck Wind Farm Manslaughter Case

Judge Dismisses Charges in Skookumchuck Wind Farm Manslaughter Case

With the death of Jonathan F. Stringer on January 9, 2020, accusations of manslaughter were put on the forefront towards Kenneth DeShazer for his alleged involvement during the events of Jonathan's death. Angus Lee Law Firm was able to keep Kenneth DeShazer innocent while showing the improper safety precautions of the Skookumchuck Wind Farm lead to Jonathan's death. This article covers the procedure and its final results. Learn more about the best criminal defense and civil rights lawyer in Washington State online today!

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The Incident

24-year-old Jonathan Stringer was seen at the Skookumchuck Wind Farm Project on January 9, 2020, while working to install a conduit when a trench collapsed and took his life. Kenneth DeShazer and four other co-defendants were charged with manslaughter in August 2021 for Stringer's death.

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DeShazer explained to investigators that he told Stringer to get out of the trench. But soon after the trench collapsed and took Stringer's life. DeShazer was also a victim of the collapse.

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The Ruling

Attorney D. Angus Lee declared that: "Mr. DeShazer was not the cause of the death of Mr. Stringer. He never took any action directing Mr. Stringer to enter the ditch. In reality, the company's failure to ensure a safe work environment is to blame for the death of Mr. Stringer." Angus Lee filed a motion to dismiss the case for lack of evidence. The court granted the motion and dismissed the manslaughter case.

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