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How Can a Washington State Attorney Help Clear My Record?

If you have a criminal record, you might be able to get non-conviction information in Washington cleared or expunged. This means that the information gets removed from law enforcement data. In some cases, you can have your conviction for a misdemeanor or felony offense vacated. You can have your arrest expunged from your record after a certain period if the charges were dismissed. If you need to vacate, expunge or seal your criminal record, a Washington State attorney at the Angus Lee Law Firm can help.

Vacating or sealing adult misdemeanor or felony convictions

It is possible to vacate or seal certain misdemeanor or felony convictions. An attorney can review your conviction and let you know if it can be vacated. You must also have completed all of the conditions and terms of your sentence, and three or more years must have passed (depending on the conviction). If you have been charged with any new criminal offenses or have any pending in state or federal court, you will not be eligible. You are also not eligible if you've had a domestic violence restraining order issued against you in the last five years or have had another conviction previously vacated.

You can also vacate non-violent class B and class C felonies from your record. The felony conviction must also not be one that is described under certain statutes. For a Class C felony, five or more years must have passed since your sentence was discharged. For a class B felony, 10 or more years must have passed since your sentence was discharged. Sealing a record to prevent the public from accessing it may also be possible, but it can be hard. Sealing and vacating records are discretionary, meaning that the court does not have to grant your request. You have to present compelling reasons to the court about why it should be vacated or sealed.

Vacating, sealing or expunging juvenile records

The process for vacating, sealing or expunging juvenile records may be somewhat easier. Getting help from an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Angus Lee Law Firm may increase the likelihood that you will succeed. If your non-conviction or conviction happened when you were a juvenile or an adult, it may be possible to have it expunged, vacated or sealed. To learn more, contact the Washington State attorneys at Angus Lee Law Firm today to schedule a consultation by calling (360) 635-6464.