Four Reasons You Need a Lawyer if You’re Charged With a Crime

Four Reasons You Need a Lawyer if You’re Charged With a Crime

When faced with criminal charges, some choose to go at it alone instead of hiring a criminal defense attorney. Whether this is your first offence or your fifth, and whether you are guilty or innocent, forgoing legal representation could have dire consequences, including a permanent record, hefty jail time, or additional charges. Here are four reasons you should contact Angus Lee Law Firm if you’ve been charged with a crime.

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Understand the Law

Criminal law can be a complicated mess of statutes, court decisions, and constitutional rights that may apply to your case. Unless you have a law degree yourself, you may have a hard time building a strong defense. For an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands Washington State law and how its various defenses could benefit your case, contact Angus Lee Law Firm.

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Conduct Investigations

The prosecution in your case will have testimony from police, witnesses, and potentially experts to strengthen their case against you. However, a good criminal defense attorney will have the means, experience, and connections to conduct their investigation to craft a solid case on your behalf. At Angus Lee Law Firm, we investigate all aspects of the crime you have been charged with to design a strong defense that raises doubt.

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Keep It Real

It’s vital that your attorney set realistic expectations about your case from the get-go. Following a thorough investigation, Angus Lee Law Firm can adequately assess the possible outcomes and advise accordingly. This will help you make decisions like whether to go to trial or enter into a plea deal.

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Navigate Pleas or Sentencing

A criminal defense attorney will be able to navigate a more favorable plea or lesser sentence than you would be able to do yourself. At Angus Lee Law Firm, we will maneuver our extensive knowledge of criminal law and our findings from the investigation to reduce charges and avoid jail time.

There are many more reasons why hiring a good criminal defense lawyer is vital if you’ve been charged with a crime. The consequences are too severe to leave in the hands of someone who knows very little to nothing about the law. Contact Angus Lee Law Firm today for a seasoned attorney who is more than familiar with Washington State criminal law and its complexities. We will fight hard on your behalf to get you the best results possible.

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