In 2013, two highly respected experts in the filed of legal ethics weighed in on the 2009 allegations against Angus lee and authored comprehensive and detailed written opinions that there was no violation of the Rules of Professional conduct by Angus Lee.

Ethics expert Peter Jarvis wrote in the below analysis of the issues that Angus "Lee committed no RPC violations, did not ratify, direct or assist anyone else in committing such violations and cannot be said to have run an office in which ethical issues were ignored or were not fully and timely addressed."

Ethics expert Arthur Lachman authored an opinion coming to the same conclusion, writing "In my opinion, for the reasons set forth in detail below, Angus Lee did not violate the conflict of interest provisions of the Washington Rules of Professional Conduct."

Ethics experts Arthur Lachman and Peter Jarvis were not alone in their conclusion. In fact, five members of the WSBA board that reviewed the matter voted to dismiss it.