Defending Jabo Johnigan's Civil Rights

Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to defending our client's civil rights. A current case of ours that's received media attention is that of Jabo Johnigan, a 27-year old software engineer in Vancouver, Washington.

Johnigan was arrested on March 13, 2019, following an illegal home search, during which Vancouver officers Christopher Bohatch and Scotland Hammond came into Johnigan's house without a warrant, and failed to read Johnigan his Miranda rights.

They barged into his home without a warrant or any other lawful authority, searched his home, seized him, and interrogated him.

The case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence, but neither of the officers were held accountable by their police agency for their violation of Johnigan's civil rights.

Our law firm is committed to presenting the best defense of Johnigan’s civil rights, and are seeking an award of financial compensation for Mr. Johnigan.

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