Angus Lee Serves as Prosecuting Attorney in High-Profile Case: Teen Who Shot His Parents

As a renowned criminal defense attorney, Angus Lee's reputation and experience often result in high-profile cases. One of these cases occurred recently when Angus Lee served as a prosecuting attorney in State v. Nathan Brooks. Nathon Brooks, at age 14, attempted to kill his parents in their home in Moses Lake, Washington in March 2013. Miraculously, both parents survived their injuries.

As prosecuting attorney, Angus Lee argued that Nathon should be tried as an adult, even though he was 14 at the time of the incident. If Nathon was tried as a juvenile, he would automatically be released from incarceration at age 21. Given the serious nature of the crime and the threat to public safety Nathon could pose, Angus successfully argued to the court that he should stand as an adult, which would impose a stricter sentence and more jail time. The court ended up deciding that Nathon should stand trial as an adult for two counts of attempted murder.

In the end, Nathon pled guilty as an adult, and was sentenced to a sentence much longer than what he would have faced being tried as a juvenile. As a result of Angus Lee's prosecution, Nathon is now serving a more appropriate sentence for his crimes. He is currently working with a therapist in prison to understand why he did what he did.

This case was picked up by Daily Mail and BBC News, and was turned into the BBC documentary, "I Shot My Parents".

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