Angus Lee On The Lars Larson Podcast: The Selective Prosecution of Joey Gibson and Russel Schultz's Selective Prosecution

Angus Lee was recently a guest on the Lars Larson podcast to talk about district attorney Mike Schmidt and his involvement in selective prosecution as it pertains to the anti-riot statute.

In the interview, we highlight a specific event that occurred at a known Antifa bar, where Joey Gibson and Russel Schultz were prosecuted according to Oregon's anti-riot statute. While video evidence shows they didn't break any laws and did not engage violently, they are being prosecuted because their political and religious beliefs did not align with those prosecuting them.

This selective prosecution is unjust and goes against their first and fourteenth amendment rights under the United States Constitution. Angus Lee is pursuing a selective prosecution motion in state court to hold those who charged Schmidt and Gibson accountable.

Listen to the Lars Larson podcast to hear more about the complaint we have filed against this unjust prosecution (interview starts 36:30).